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  HOUSE CALL with Dr. Yvette Lu

Dr. Yvette Lu, a family physician, visits caregivers across Canada to learn about their lives and the challenges that they face. Then, working with each individual caregiver, she helps them find practical solutions and implement changes to improve their lives. From a journey up a mountain to a field of goats, join Dr. Lu as she meets these inspiring caregivers and journeys with them to new frontiers.
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STORIES FROM THE CLOSET: a play about living with chronic illness

With content based on patient interviews, research findings, and Yvette Lu's own experiences as a doctor, Stories from the Closet: a play about living with chronic illness, is a story about a young woman and her journey through the trials and tribulations of learning to cope with illness.

Written by Yvette Lu
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  Stories from the Closet: a play about living with chronic illness

The MEGAMI saga poster     The MEGAMI saga poster  


When astronauts from Earth discover a lost human civilization during an exploratory space mission, their arrival launches a story that has been 20,000 years in the making. Caught in the conflict is Sheenyana, a skilled warrior with mysterious psychic abilities. Guided by her visions of Kyshiyo, a former "Megami" or "Princess Goddess" from a distant past, Sheenyana must discover the true nature of her inheritance and join with her cousin, Princess Xionko, and Earth Astronaut Major Grace Hinoki to fight and save human civilization from destruction.  A "Star Wars" meets "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" Sci-Fi Romance about a brave warrior, her love for her people, and her incredible destiny.

Written by H. Scott Hughes.
Produced by Yvette Lu and H. Scott Hughes.
Starring Yvette Lu, Beverly Wu, Tomoko Hanawa, Stephen MD Chang, Grace Chin, Yuki Morita, Caroline Chan, Taka Hiro, Shaker Paleja, Danny Dorosh, Tara Pratt.

Trailer 1 (3 min) | Trailer 2 (2 min)
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The short film prequel to the MEGAMI Saga.  On a world light-years from Earth, a mystic warrior must choose between her people's future and the life of an American astronaut with whom she is in love. Official Selection of the Route 66 Film Festival, Vancouver Asian Film Festival, New Asia Film Festival, and Shaw Multicultural Channel Filmmakers Showcase. 

Written and Directed by H. Scott Hughes.
Produced by Joe Fang.
Post production producer Yvette Lu.
Music composed by Yvette Lu and H. Scott Hughes.
Starring Yvette Lu, Danny Dorosh, Beverly Wu, Taka Hiro, Shaker Paleja, Tara Pratt.

Full movie (10 min)
Full movie + MEGAMI preview: Facebook | IMDb (13 min)
Trailer: YouTube | Facebook Page | IMDb (80 sec)
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  Food for the Gods poster     Food for the Gods poster
Kayla Chow and Brett Piperni in Alive and Kicking  


An inspiring story of passion, perseverance, and friendship, the documentary ALIVE AND KICKING follows the journey of two martial artists as they overcome adversity and determine what it takes to become a champion. Winner, Best in Show at the Near Enemy Film Festival. Official Selection of the National Screen Institute of Canada (NSI) Online Film Festival.

Directed by Nik Green.
Produced by Yvette Lu and Beverly Wu.
Featuring Brett Piperni and Kayla Chow.

Trailer (1 min) | Full Film (11 min) | NSI page
Facebook Page | IMDb  


Amber, a black ops agent and assassin, is living her dream life. She loves her job and is great at it. Plus, she and her partner Hinrich are the perfect professional duo-- with benefits. When Amber discovers that she's accidentally pregnant, suddenly she must choose what kind of life she really wants... and gets some insight from an unexpected source.

Written & Directed by Nik Green.
Produced by Yvette Lu and Nik Green.
Starring Beverly Wu, Nik Green, Yvette Lu, Kyle McMurray.

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Nik Green and Beverly Wu in Fantomes. Photo by Alistair Eagle.

Yvette Lu and Jacqlyn Atkins in Murder at the Orient Street Express. Photo by Brice Ferre.      Matt Briard and Yvette Lu in Murder at the Orient Street Express. Photo by Wayne Stadler.  


Former Broadway legend, Bernadette Fitzgerald, is a diva with a knack for offending everyone around her. When she is murdered while desperately trying to make a brilliant comeback, it's up to her loyal pianist, Amy Ng, to find the killer.

Written by H. Scott Hughes and Yvette Lu.
Directed by Jonas Salzberg with Yvette Lu.
Produced by Yvette Lu.
Starring Yvette Lu, Jacqlyn Atkins, Yuki Morita, Matt Briard, Natashia Chandra, Derek Fraser, Jesse Inocalla.



A young ESL teacher breaks up with his girlfriend and stumbles into an awkward situation with his sexy Japanese student, setting off a spiral of events that start him on a journey of self-discovery.

Produced, Directed and Written by Jonas Salzberg and Yvette Lu.
Starring John Doty Jr., Yuki Morita, Yvette Lu, Natasha Nicole Ramsundar.

Official Website | Film (9 min) | IMDb

  Yuki Morita and John Doty Jr in Baby Donut.


A man breaks out of the normal routine by dancing to the sounds of the city. Created for the Toronto Urban Film Festival as a silent film.

Produced, Directed and Written by Kirsten Johnson and Yvette Lu.
Starring Pascal Belanger. Sound design by Jeremy Therrien.

Original silent version | Version with added sound
(Approx 1 minute)