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Some of my earliest memories are of sitting happily listening to my grandmother's stories. I can barely remember what those stories were about, but I do remember repeatedly asking for more! When I was older, I eagerly read my way through the children's section of the library. I devoured books and imagined myself travelling with my favourite characters on their adventures.

I also had a doctor's kit as a child. I ran around the house listening to the hearts of teddy bears with my yellow and blue stethoscope. Now, I've traded my plastic version for a real one, and my stuffed animals have become patients requesting my expert advice on medical care.

People often wonder why my interests span from science and medicine to the arts. "But they're so different," they say to me.

When distilled to their essence, science, medicine, acting, and filmmaking are all about storytelling. Scientists use experiments to uncover the stories behind how things work. In medicine, I listen to stories for clues so I can determine how to help people improve their health. Then, I use stories to help explain their diagnosis and treatment. In acting, I inhabit characters to bring their stories to life, and in film, I use the camera to share stories with the world. Life is about discovering, living, and sharing stories. I invite you to join me on my journey exploring where stories can take us and how they can improve our lives.  

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Yvette Lu is an actor, filmmaker, and family physician in Vancouver, BC. As an actor, she has appeared on various televisions shows including FOX's Gracepoint, BBC America's Intruders, and TLC's Untold Stories of the ER. As well, her films have screened on television and in film festivals across North America, including at the Vancouver Asian Film Festival, the Route 66 Film Festival (Illinois), and on Shaw Multicultural Channel. She has also played lead roles in productions with the Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre and Carousel Summer Shakespeare Theatre.

On the other side of the camera, Yvette has worked as a producer, director, and composer for numerous projects. She was a producer of "Alive and Kicking," a short documentary that won Best in Show at the Near Enemy Film Festival in New Jersey and was selected for the National Screen Institute of Canada's online film festival.

Dr. Lu is a graduate of the University of British Columbia (UBC) Faculty of Medicine and the Greater Vancouver Family Practice program, where she served as one of the chief residents and was awarded a College of Family Physicians Resident Leadership award for her work. She works regularly with the College of Family Physicians to review educational content for family doctors and has been a speaker for the UBC Undergraduate Medical Program. She is a frequent medical expert on CityTV's Breakfast Television, and has also appeared on The Weather Network, CBC, and CBC News Now.

Yvette is passionate about creating artistic projects that illuminate the human experience and has a particular interest in projects related to health and wellness. She is the host of "House Call with Dr. Yvette Lu," a show about caregivers, and has written a research-based play about chronic illness called "Stories from the Closet." Her unique perspective as both doctor and artist imbues her work with depth, integrity, and compassion.