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Yvette Lu and Beverly Wu in Fantomes. Photo by Alistair Eagle.

Untold Stories of the ER: Granny's Back with Marcia Yu, Yvette Lu, and Mark Pearlmutter.

Murder at the Orient Street Express with Yvette Lu and Matt Briard. Photo by Wayne Stadler.

Yvette Lu in Megami. Photo by David Warburton.

Yvette Lu and Amanda Louie in Food for the Gods.

Yvette Lu and Robin Nielsen in Taming of the Shrew Man.

Yvette Lu in promotional photo for The Theory of Everything.
Photo by Patrick Parenteau.

Yvette Lu and Sommer Thome in Warrior II.

Yvette Lu, composer and musical director on Food for the Gods, working in studio with erhu musician Xu Qian.

IMDB | Resume

  Frequency - Ep #113 Home health aide/actor Adjacent Prod./David Roessell/Dir:Thomas Wright
  When We Rise: Mini Series - ep #7 Clinic Nurse/actor Stage 49 Ltd/Tim Iacofano/Dir. Dustin Lance Black
  Dead of Summer - "Modern Love" Woman/actor Stage 49 Ltd/Kathy Gilroy/Dir. Tara Nicole Weyr
  You Me Her - ep #105 Mom/actor DirecTV/YMH Prod/Dir. Nisha Ganatra
  Untold Stories of the ER: Under Pressure Dr Kim/actor TLC/Dir. Paul Ziller
  Untold Stories of the ER: The Doctor's Dilemma Dr Lim/principal TLC/Dir. Paul Ziller
  Untold Stories of the ER: Perfect Storm Obstetrician/actor TLC/Dir. Allan Harmon
  Untold Stories of the ER
ep. 904: Plastered!
Dr Chen/actor TLC/Dir. Paul Ziller
  Intruders EMT/actor Nine Productions1 Inc./Rose Lam/Dir. Daniel Stamm
  Gracepoint Chief Medical Officer/actor Gracepoint Productions/Arvi Liimatainen/Dir. Euros Lyn
  In Session (Pilot) Bridget/series regular Brezinski Prod./Dir. L. Bourne
  Untold Stories of the ER
ep. 601: Pipe in Head
Anesthesiologist/actor TLC/Dir. Allan Harmon
  Untold Stories of the ER
ep. 504: Grandma's Back
Mother/supporting TLC/Dir. Jennifer Little
  Untold Stories of the ER
ep. 503: Ice Cold Mom
Mrs Yu/principal TLC/Dir. Jennifer Little

  Superhuman Doctor/lead YUnicorn Productions/Dir. Raugi Yu
  8 Minutes Ahead (Feature) Nurse Yvette/supporting 8 Min Ahead Inc/Dir. Ben Hoskyn
  Taming of the Shrew Man Elaine/lead Independent/Dir. Tracy D. Smith
  Food for the Gods Sheenyana/lead Independent/Dir. H.S. Hughes
  Legacy for the Gods Sheenyana/lead Sees Far Pictures/Dir. H.S. Hughes
  Search for the Gods Sheenyana/lead Sees Far Pictures/Dir. H.S. Hughes
  Servants of War Jie/lead Independent/Dir. G. Macleod
  The Spirit of Language Lana/lead Independent/Dir. A. Buhr
  A Table for One Lisa/lead Independent/Dir. W. Ricarte
  Blood Dr. Ann Fayette/lead Independent/Dir. C. Bayko
  The Lingerer Janice Chan/lead Independent/Dir. M. Watermeyer
  P.A. Rachel/lead LIU productions/Dir. M. MacDonald
  Murder at the Orient Street Express Amy Ng/lead S.E. Productions/Dir. J. Salzberg
  Disconnected Abby/lead Motionpieces/Dir. K. Johnson
  The Gitchie Manito Mythology Professor/lead Independent/Dir. A. Moses
  Baby Donut Trina/supporting Salzberg productions/Dir. J. Salzberg, Y. Lu
  Dread Locked Tanya/supporting TIHWR productions/Dir. A. Daniels, J. Salzberg
  Warrior Two Charlotte/supporting Mostly Harmless productions/Dir. M. Grand
  Farewell Ambrosia Rose/supporting Independent/Dir. S. Rusich
  Nobody's Sweetheart Musical girl/supporting Independent/Dir. J. Pope
  The Wind Museum Docent/supporting Independent/Dir. F. Wang

  House Call with Dr. Yvette Lu Host Supercreative/Telus Fund
  Medical Expert (Regular Live Appearances))
Guest speaker Breakfast Television (CityTV)
  Medical Expert (Live Appearances)
Sunscreen, Allergies
Guest speaker The Weather Network
  Medical Expert (Live Appearance) Guest speaker CBC News (Vancouver)
  Medical Expert (Live Appearance) Guest speaker CBC News Now (National)
  CGA Educational Videos Accountant/lead CGA-BC/Dir. Alistair Eagle
  Immunize BC PSA
How Immunization Works
Meningitis C
Hepatitis B
Nurse/lead TSTP productions/Dir. C. Galloway

  The Dance Teacher
(Vancouver Fringe Festival 2016)
Detective Spinner Tomosuru Productions/Dir: Gerald Williams
  Small Talk
(About Love Short Play Festival)
Dr Cooper/lead Tomosuru Productions/Dir: Shelby Bushell
  Festival LAUNCH:
Stories from the Closet
Woman/featured SFU Woodwards 149 ARTS Society/Dir. Trish Allen
  The Theory of Everything Shimmy/lead Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre/Dir. Rick Tae
  The Tempest (Shakespeare) Prospero/lead Carousel Summer Theatre/Dir. Carole Higgins 
  A Midsummer Night's Dream
Hermia/lead  Carousel Summer Theatre/Dir. Elizabeth Ball, Carole Higgins
  Love Child (by Aaron Bushkowsky) Lynda/lead Brave New Play Rites/Dir. Anita Majumdar
  You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown  Lucy/lead UBC Med Productions/Dir. Morag Wehrle
  Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Simeon, Baker/lead  Aquarian Productions
  Alice in Wonderland Alice, March Hare, Cook, Mock Turtle  Schoolcreative Productions/Dir. Gabriel Carter
  Almost Maine Marvalyn Schoolcreative Productions/Dir. Gabriel Carter
  Sins and Virtues Mei Li Schoolcreative Productions/Dir. Gabriel Carter
  Excerpts: Wit and Angels in America Vivian Bearing   UBC Spring Gala Productions
  24 Hours in the Park (musical revue)   solo/group UBC Players Club
  Musical Theatre Revue  solo/group  BC Conservatory of Music
  Once there was a Tailor...  Reporter  Wendy Stuart, Susan Lehmann

  Pro Camera/Pro Intensive Andrew McIlroy
  Series Study/Audition Class Jeb Beach
  Voice and Speech (Private Study) Trish Allen
  Comedy Matthew Kevin Anderson
  Improv for Actors Veena Sood
  Singing (Private Study) Judith Rabinovitch
  Commercial Audition Workshops Drew Walker
  Musical Theatre Master Class Benj Pasek and Justin Paul
  In the Room Casting Workshops with Jeb Beach Corinne Clark, Jennifer Page, Tiffany Mak, Judy Lee, Edward Rea, JJ Ogilvy, Kara Eide, Kris Woznesensky,
  Scene Study Intensive Workshops Larry Moss
  Scene Study / Camera Carol Kelsay
  Multicamera Audition Workshop  Mr Young Productions 
  Scene Study Weekly and Intensive Matthew Harrison
  Film/TV full-time acting program 
Fundamentals of acting 
Physical Theatre 
Cold Reading 
Script Analysis
Scene Study 
Film Fundamentals 
Acting Technique 
Schoolcreative Gastown (Vancouver, BC) 
Stellina Rusich
Gabriel Carter
Gabriel Carter
Elaine Brewer-White
Henry J Mah
Liz McLaughlin
Trish Allen
Stellina Rusich, Fiona Hogan
Kirsten Clarkson
Sarah-Jane Redmond
  Acting/Musical Theatre (summer program)
Acting Technique 
Scene Study 
Singing Technique 
Physical Acting 
Classical Text
Singing Interpretation 
Circle in the Square Theatre School (New York) 
Jacqueline Brookes, Terese Hayden
Alan Langdon
Bill Reed
Ken Schatz
Larry Crabtree
Larry Gleason
KC Ligon
Beth Anne Cole
Elena McGee
Justin Boccitto
  Performer's Mastery Linda Darlow, Henry J Mah, Rob Bruner
  Auditioning/Commercials Linda Darlow
  Casting Director Audition Workshops Heike Brandstatter, Jackie Lind, Candice Elzinga, Stuart Aikins, Larry Sugar, Sue Brouse
  Acting Shakespeare Christopher Weddell 
  Play development workshop  Carousel Theatre Company
  Theatre Training
Introduction to Theatre 
Actor's Process 
Voice and Speech 
Scene Study 1 and 2 
University of British Columbia
Peter Loeffler
Sarah Rodgers
Trish Allen
Christine Willes
  Musical theatre workshops Harbour Dance Centre
(Bill Costin, Jason Franco, and Leigh Torlage)

  Singing Classical, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Vocal Jazz. Chamber Choir
  Piano Classical and Jazz training
Associate of the Royal Conservatory of Toronto (ARCT) in Piano Performance
  Flute Basic training
  Dance Recreational (Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Chinese Dance, Musical Theatre)
  Skills / Hobbies Swimming, Skiing, Running, Surfing (basic), Rock Climbing, Yoga, Horseback Riding (basic)
  Languages  English, French, Chinese
  Accents Chinese, Filipino
  Technical Medical procedures and terminology
  Education Bachelor of Science (BSc) 
Doctor of Medicine (MD)

  Composer Food for the Gods (film)
Legacy for the Gods (film)
Search for the Gods (film)
Servants of War (film)
The Light at the End of the Road (film)
The Spirit of Language (film)
Blood (film)
  Writer Stories from the Closet: a play about living with chronic illness (theatre)
Sins and Virtues (theatre)
Baby Donut (film)
Clinical Pearls (film)
Farewell Ambrosia (film)
Immunize BC PSA (medical consultant)