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a play about living with chronic illness

Written by Yvette Lu, MD.

"A young woman's fantastical odyssey
into the world of hospitals, doctors, and illness."

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Twitter: @storiesinmed

With content based on patient interviews, research findings, and Yvette Lu's own experiences as a doctor, Stories from the Closet: a play about living with chronic illness, is a story about a young woman and her journey through the trials and tribulations of learning to cope with illness.




Georgia Straight:
"Yvette Lu's excerpt from her theatrical monologue Stories from the Closet was another standout. In this gentle yet passionate presentation, Lu speaks to the terrors and misunderstandings faced by those suffering from chronic illness, and her background as a family physician as well as an actor and filmmaker brings considerable authority to her well-written text." - Alexander Varty

University of British Columbia TREK magazine
(contains audio excerpts)
The Double Life of Doctor Lu

Medical Drama: Theatre Artist Yvette Lu Talks LAUNCH Festival

Richmond Review Newspaper
Family doctor's play is perfect prescription

UBC Family Practice Bear Bones Newsletter (pdf file) 
(page 3 "Seeing Anew, discovering art in research")

1st Prize, Integrative Arts Projects
University of British Columbia Family Practice Resident Research Day

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Readings are usually accompanied by
a discussion and Q&A session.

Previous readings and talks:

BIL conference, Vancouver, BC
The Healing Power of Storytelling
SFU Woodwards Festival LAUNCH
Sparkfly speaker series
UBC Family Practice Residents
Invisible Illness Awareness Week, Richmond Disability Association
UBC Family Practice Administrators Wellness Conference
Medicina: Arts and Humanities in Health Care Conference
Firehall Arts Centre BC BUDS Spring Arts Festival 
Vancouver Playhouse Theatre Production Centre
University of British Columbia (UBC) Resident Research Day
College of Family Physicians of Canada Family Medicine Forum
UBC Faculty of Medicine Undergraduate Program
UBC Arts & Humanities in Medicine Coffee House

"works of art enable us to know something about feeling
that cannot be revealed in literal scientific statements"

Elliot Eisner, "Knowledge and Art" 
in Handbook of the Arts in Qualitative Research


UBC Family Practice Resident Research Day:

"Now I get it. Now I understand why this kind of work is important."
"Amazingly well done. Very moving and pertinent to all of us as family physicians."
"Emotionally powerful and extremely educational."

BC Buds Firehall Reading:

"Thank you so very much. It was very enlightening, and impressive, and inspiring."
"Really beautiful writing: heartfelt and alive. Honest and enlightening. Thank you for bringing this play to this world."

Other readings:

"The play touched me and made me ashamed at how I have treated patients."
"I can now better understand what my friend is going through."
"That play was the last 17 years of my life."
"Thank you for this poignant story telling - you've provided a clearer understanding of challenges and rights of individuals with chronic illness."
"It helped with understanding some issues my daughter deals with. Wonderful to see this presented. Very well done and conceived."
"Really hit a lot of the main points in getting from first diagnosis to dealing with day to day living to grief and was true to my experience of these issues."
"Very moving. Really hits close to home."
"Stories from the Closet is so insightful and deep. Beautiful and thought provoking. Congratulations!"
"The performance was very moving with the inclusion of humor in appropriate spots. This performance spoke to me personally. Thank you. "


More information:

Information for health professionals