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Dr. Yvette Lu


Breakfast Television: Seasonal allergies - the basics.

Breakfast Television: Who needs a mammogram?
Mammogram screening discussion

Breakfast Television: Colon cancer screening
Colorectal Cancer screening discussion 


Dr. Yvette Lu is an accomplished speaker and particularly enjoys speaking on topics related to health care, living well, chronic illness, narrative medicine, and arts health. She has been a medical expert on CityTV's Breakfast Television, The Weather Network, and CBC NewsNow, and a lecturer for the University of British Columbia Medical Undergraduate Program. Her background in acting makes her a dynamic, entertaining speaker, and as a family doctor, she is an expert at explaining medical topics clearly and making complex medical issues easier to understand.

Topics include:

  • The Healing Power of Storytelling: How writing and the arts can improve health care
    and your health
  • Creating Wellness: Finding and maintaining balance in life
  • Direction, Choice, and Opportunity: How to follow your dreams and do what you want
  • Art, medicine, and life: Navigating the road less travelled and finding your own path
  • Acting medicine: How acting helps me be a better doctor and a better person
  • Partners in care: How to work with your family doctor to ensure the best care possible
  • Seasonal Allergies: Who gets them, Why, and What should I do to feel better?
  • Mammograms: Do I need one and what are the risks?
  • Colon Cancer: What is it and who needs screening?
  • Immunizations: How do they work and who needs them?
  • Over 50! What preventative and screening tests do I need as I get older?
  • Heart disease: Am I at risk and what should I do to prevent it?
  • Stress!! How can I reduce my anxiety and get back on track?
  • Depression: What is going on with my brain?
  • Stories from the Closet: what it's like to live with a chronic illness
  • My illness is invisible: How to live well with chronic illness
  • Dance Medicine: Injuries and sports medicine in dancers
  • Pregnancy: What to expect from your family doctor
  • How to prepare for pregnancy: who should I see, what should I do, what can I eat?
  • Radiation in Pregnancy: what are the risks of radiation to pregnant women?
  • Antidepressant use in Pregnancy: what are the risks and benefits?
  • What is that red thing? Common skin rashes in children

Previous talks include:


Medical Videos: